Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time is check-in and check-out?
A.Check-in at the villa is 2pm. Some flights may arrive very early in the morning and, without organising early check-in, the earliest you will have access to your villa is 2pm. Check-out is no later than midday.
Q. How does late checkout work?
A. We recommend all late checkout requests are pre-arranged.  Last minute late checkout is often not possible.  Late checkout allows for full use of the villa and all associated amenities and services (including car/driver service) until 6pm at the latest.  The car and driver service for the late transfer is available no later than 9.00pm.  Late checkout will be charged at 50% of the nightly ‘promo’ rate as per the schedule on our rates page. Any late checkouts later than 6pm will need to pay the full nights’ fee.

Q. How does the cook service work?
A. If you require the cook for lunch and/or dinner then you need to organise this on the morning you would like the meals prepared. Your guest relations manager will discuss the available menu, time to serve the meals and give you an indication of how much the ingredients will cost. You need to hand over that money and your cook will go and purchase the ingredients for you.  Your cook will give you back your change and a receipt. We request that you give the cook an additional 20k rupiah to compensate them for having used their own motorbike for travel to the local supermarket. If you do not wish to do this then we recommend you purchase your own ingredients and hand this food over to your cook.

Q. How does the daily driver and car service work?
A. You have a dedicated driver and car service for each day you stay. This service is available on your day of check-in for a total of 8 consecutive hours from time of transfer until the 8 hours expires. Any additional hours are charged at 100,000 rupiah per hour and this must be paid to the villa manager.  Of the 100,000 hourly overtime charge, your driver will be given 50,000 per hour to compensate them for the overtime.  The other 50,000 rupiah per hour goes towards the petrol and cost towards running the car.  There are no extra charges for parking or petrol. On your day of checkout this service is limited to only your airport transfer. This car seats a maximum of 6 passengers comfortably. If your booking is for more than 6 persons then you may wish to consider hiring another vehicle and driver – this is charged at approximately 450,000 rupiah per day and will vary depending on availability of car/drivers, distance or hours. The free daily car and driver service is not available on day of checkout – only the airport transfer. Checkout is by midday and the car is available for up to 1 hour immediately after or an airport drop-off (usually 1 hour).

Q. What happens with airport transfers?
A. The airport transfers include one trip to the airport for both arrival and departures and this service is only available between 8.30am and midnight.  If there are multiple pickups due to differently scheduled arrivals or your flight arrives earlier than 8.30am or departs later than midnight then a fee for an additional vehicle/s and driver/s will be incurred.  We will advise you IF your airport transfer will incur a fee. There is only one car per villa and this car is used for your transfers in and out as well as your daily car and driver service (if included in your package).  Any multiple airport arrivals that are 3 hours or less apart will need to be closely co-ordinated with villa management. Keep in mind that it may take your car/driver service 3 hours as a round trip from airport to villa and back again to the airport.

For hotel, villa or other accommodation transfers, these are available one hour before check in: but this may vary depending on your location.  For instance, if you would like to be picked up (or dropped off) in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu and the like then this is free and available from 1:00pm onwards as long as you have standard check-in of 2:00 pm.  However, if you would like a transfer to take place from locations like Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud, Candidasa, Lovina, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, etc. then extra charges apply and this will be discussed with you prior to confirming your transfer.

If large items are required for any transfer then an additional fee will be incurred.  Early morning airport transfers will incur an additional fee and this will be discussed with the guest in writing.  NB.  As checkout is midday at the latest (unless otherwise specified on your booking correspondence) you are not able to use the daily car and driver service afterwards.  Following checkout there is strictly a direct airport or equivalent transfer available and if you require the car/driver service outside of this then extra charges will apply, no stopovers.

Q. What toiletries are provided in the villa?
A. Basic toiletries are provided including shampoo, conditioner, body & hand soap and hair dryers. We recommend you bring your own toothpaste and toothbrush, hair brush, shaving equipment, moisturisers, etc. We provide all towels including both bathroom and pool towels. We recommend you bring sunscreen from your home country as it is expensive in Bali (approximately AUD 20 for a small bottle). We will also provide, for your arrival, some mosquito repellent.

Q. How does the daily housekeeping service work?
A. Every morning your common areas will be cleaned and tidied in preparation for your breakfasts. After you have eaten your breakfasts the staff will clean up the dishes then clean your bedrooms. The linen is clean and fresh on arrival and will be changed every 3 days thereafter. If you prefer the housekeepers to not clean up in your presence please let your Guest Relations Manager aware of this. The housekeepers will come in periodically during the afternoon and tidy, once again. You have a turn down service between 5-6 pm each evening. If you are having dinner (or lunch) prepared, our housekeepers will clean and tidy afterwards as well.

Q. Can we have meals prepared in our villa kitchen?
A. As a standard any meal requests are, on the most part, likely to be prepared in the staff kitchen. At a special request we can have your meals prepared in your own private kitchen. Cooking lessons may be available upon request and need to be pre-arranged. The cost is IDR 100,000 plus ingredients. The menu for cooking lessons is best discussed with either your cook, or Guest Relations Manager.

Q. What is the standard for tipping?
A. This is a very common question and one of the most difficult to answer. This all depends on what you consider to be a tip. Most guests tip their driver separately and then give a tip for the rest of the staff. Other guests may choose to give the one tip and this is divided equally amongst all the workers. Some guests may tip the equivalent of 5% of their stay and up to 10%. We request kindly that you pass these tips to the Guest Relations Manager and they will divide the tips equitably.

Q. What is the standard of water and electricity in the villa?
A. We are currently looking into a water filtration system however this will not be installed until possibly 2012-2013. Based on our current water, no taps are drinkable water – you must use your water dispensers for consumption. Many people brush their teeth in tap water, however if you are concerned with this, please use the clean water provided. Electricity in Bali has improved over the last few years so at this stage we have not had a need to install a generator. Electricitymay be cut off occasionally for up to 4 hours, however this is very intermittent, and usually does not cause too much distress. In the event that the electricity supply becomes less reliable we will definitely consider the installation of a back-up generator. In the pursuit of a cleaner Bali, and in consideration of the electricity issues that this beautiful island is experiencing, your air-conditioners will be turned off whilst you are not in the villa. We kindly request that if you are using your air-conditioners, then you also keep the doors closed so that the cool air doesn’t escape.

Q. I am bringing valuables. Will there be a safe place to keep these items?
A. Each villa has safety boxes installed.  We cannot stress enough the importance of locking up your valuables in the safety boxes provided.