VIP Arrival Procedure

Upon disembarking your plane, all passengers are required to walk down the exit corridor to a set of downward escalators/ stairs. Once past this point you will then proceed to the Visa On Arrival line. Just prior to entering this area your VIP representative will be holding a sign with the person’s name who booked this service.
Please hand over all passports and your required Visa payment per person (usually USD 25) plus your completed arrival card and customs declaration.
Note: The VIP payment is not due until you have reached your villa. You will be expedited through the Visa On Arrival and immigration queues to your luggage. Then you will be escorted through customs to your prearranged driver who will be holding the following sign.
We recommend you print a copy of this procedure and keep it with your travel documents.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us, and look forward to welcoming you at Villa Echo.