• All villas have 24/7 staff
    • Housekeeping
      • The villas are all fully serviced. Usually, the villas are cleaned several times per day. Should you require extra cleaning, this isn’t a problem. If you prefer privacy, we have a Do Not Disturb sign for you to put up on your front door.
      • Standard cleaning procedures are, at minimum, in the morning when the common areas are cleaned in time for your breakfast being served.
      • Turn down service is provided later in the afternoon when your curtains are drawn and rooms are sprayed, bed side lamps turned on.
    • Maintenance
      • Villa Echo Beach offer full time maintenance. These staff are committed to ensuring that your villa services are working. Most issues can be fixed within the hour and the quicker you report any problem, the quicker we can have things fixed. Common requests are air conditioner could be leaking, toilet not flushing well, ceiling fan is unsteady. We usually don’t have issues with hot water or water pressure but the staff are trained to address these issues also, should they arise.
      • Every effort is made to treat the pool with chemicals at a time that doesn’t inhibit your pool time. We apologise if there is any interruption to your swimming but this is rare.
      • The full time gardener is there to ensure that your garden is kept tidy and healthy.
    • Villa Manager
      • Your villa manager will greet you on arrival and show you around the villa. This is quite straightforward but he will show you where the Wi-Fi password is kept, the safety boxes and instructions to use.
      • Your villa manager will be available most mornings to assist with planning each day. This includes your car/driver service, breakfasts, the use of the free cook service for your lunch and dinner.
      • If he is unavailable and you wish to speak with him, simply ask the staff to call the villa manager and he will either make himself available in person or on the phone to discuss anything.
      • We recommend reporting any concerns to either the villa manager direct or email to [email protected]. Every effort will be made to be efficient and effective in our response.
    • Free Cook Service
      • This is a service available for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You order each morning with the staff what food you’d like prepared. You provide cash after being given an estimate of what your ingredients will cost and your change and receipts will be provided.There is also a 20,000 rp (USD 1.45) charge that is paid to your cook as they will use their own transport to purchase your ingredients fresh.
      • All shopping is done at a reputable supermarket that provides a receipt (where possible).
      • If you’d like Babi Guling or special catering then this sits outside the free cook service due to special circumstances.


      • In-Villa spa services are available and we require approximately 30 minutes notice.

Shopping service on arrival day

      • We are able to purchase basic items for your arrival day. Common requests are –bintang, soft drink, bag of ice, fruit, snacks, and the like

Transport Services/Getting around

      • We can assist with a car/driver service via villa full time staff or utilising the local transport service
      • Scooters available for hire

Other services

      • We are able to book activities on your behalf.
      • Babysitting Services available from IDR 60,000 per hour.
      • Laundry Services